Debut EP by Florian Gray

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"Florian Gray is not your typical globe-trotting emcee from Transylvania; he’s also quite possibly the most well-traveled rapper ever to come out of Eastern Europe." 


When his family left post-communist Romania in the mid 1990’s, Florian Potra, better known as Florian Gray, found a home in Canada’s southernmost city: Windsor, Ontario. It was in this border town that he discovered his love for hip-hop, emerging in Windsor’s underground scene as a lyricist with gifted promise. 

During his college years, Florian discovered an appetite towards traveling, and, after graduating in 2008, turned his sights abroad. With his early twenties came the portion of time spent drifting throughout Asia, Europe and Australia, working the coasts and earning enough to get by and continue his nomadic lifestyle; all the while honing his writing craft and creating a unique sound which seems to evoke a sense of natural wonder and nostalgia in the listener. 

“Citizen Earth” is Florian’s debut EP—an emotion driven project comprised of haunting melodies over prominent bass-lines, vocalized with gun-punching delivery. The 6-track project proves a testament to the nomadic nature of man, and of life on the road, as Florian depicts the self-destructive temptations of wanderlust, the superficial nature of society, and constantly being consumed by love, lust and drugs.

Florian is based out of Toronto, where he is currently working on his new album. In the meantime, he continues to speak to soul-searchers and hiphopologists across the globe—from the ‘6’ all the way to his birthplace of Transylvania.